Thinking About Adding a Loft

We have decided that we can make do with this house a little longer, but it is going to take a bit of work to do it. I have been talking to a contractor and a guy who does Sacramento hvac services about how practical the idea is. Of course we need one more room for one of the kids and I realized that we could get one by building a loft above the garage. One of the things I wondered was how hard it would be to get the heat and air conditioning up there, and whether or not the system we have was big enough for the added volume to the home. Of course it is a complex operation. To start with you have to pull the roof off of the garage, which apparently is not that big of a deal if you know what you are doing and you have all of the stuff that you require for the job. Then you have to replace the roof joists with floor joists and obviously you would put a floor on top of them. Right now it is only plywood and that would not stand up to daily usage.

Obviously the question we have is how well this works out over the long term, by which I mean the benefit it would have to the value of the house as compared to how much money it would cost us to do it. Jack is definitely in favor of it. He does not like sharing a room with his little brothers. That is not the factor that determines the decision however. It has to be something which is going to make sense now and in the future. Of course the future means when we have to sell the house, which won’t be too long.