What to Do After Finishing a Florida Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

One thing that many people have to go through in Florida is recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction. Thankfully, there are many great substance abuse treatment centers in Florida. This includes places like the Lakeview Addiction Treatment Center, the Suncoast Rehabilitation Center and the Women’s Center for Healthy Living.

While finding a good treatment facility in Florida may not be impossible, this leaves the question of what a person should do after finishing a Florida treatment center’s rehabilitation program. The first good idea is to continue your therapy.
One great option for doing so is to join a substance abuse support group. Many of the major nationwide support groups have chapters in most decent sized Florida cities. This includes organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

These organizations can provide a person the moral support needed to stay sober after finishing rehab. Finishing a ì12 step programî offered by such groups may also be beneficial to most alcoholics and drug addicts. Other organizations can also be sought for support. This includes groups ran by religious organizations as well as alumni groups for the graduates of different rehabilitation programs.

Seeking the services of a psychiatrist or psychologist can also be greatly beneficial if that professional specializes in patients with substance abuse issues. Listings for such professionals that work in Florida can easily be found on the web.

Another thing a person should certainly focus on after leaving rehab is trying to get his or her finances in order. After a significant bout with alcoholism or drug addiction, it is likely that a person’s finances will be in disarray.
First of all, this involves finding steady employment. However, if your previous job contributed to your addiction, a new line of work should be found. No person with alcoholism or drug addiction should be forced to be around alcohol or drugs to make a living.

Other financial situations should also be taken care of. This includes paying off debts and rebuilding your credit score. This can take a bit of work. However, with some planning, a person can be debt free and have good credit again.

A person should also do a lot of work to fix any problems with his or her personal life that developed due to the addiction. This obviously involves trying to repair relationships that were damaged by the substance abuse. This should include thinking over just what people were hurt by your addiction and how. While fixing relationships with these people may be difficult, apologizing for your behavior and staying sober can be a great leap forward in doing so.

Lastly, a person must make sure that his or her living arrangements are alcohol and drug free. In certain cases, this may require living in a halfway house or a sober living home until you gain higher confidence in your sobriety. Such places exist in every major Florida city. Living in such a place may be a good way to get a stable footing before moving somewhere else.